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 The Newbie's Guide to Furs4You 
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Yeah, weak Douglas Adams reference there... Anyway, this topic is here to help you get to know your way around the areas of the site. If I forget anything in here, let me know.

First off, the Forum. This is the heart of the site. The forum may seem a bit intimidating at first, but it's filled with friendly and understanding furs. If you have any questions, or anything you''re unsure about, feel free to post it in Newbie Questions, or PM one of us. That's what we're here for, to make your stay as comfortable (and hopefully painless) as possible. :lol:

The topics on the Forum don't all have to be furry-related, at least in Open Discussion and Chat. We don't believe in segregation around here. :) Now in other topics, such as the Artist's Lounge and Fursuiting, the threads are mostly centered around those kinds of topics. If you're not sure where something goes, post it in Open Discussion and an Admin or Mod will move it to the right place for you. If a topic you started vanishes, it's probably in another area. We won't just up and delete it unless it's something that's against the Forum rules.

The first area you'll see is the area you're currently in. This is where you can learn about the site, the rules, and post an introduction of yourself so we can all say hi. If you have any questions, there's even a spot to ask them.

Second is Furs4You Announcements. Important Announcements is where Imago or I will announce breaking news for the site. Member Announcements is for any member news-- RL happenings, problems, leaves of absences or returns from absence. Gallery Announcements is just that... if you post something in the Gallery, let us know and we'll look at it.

Next up is the main area. Open Discussion is the area where you can post anything and everything. We try to keep it as much on topic as possible, but you won't be yelled at for deviating a little. In fact, if your deviation takes off, you may end up with a brand new topic for it. So, far from discouraging the off-topic, we thrive on it. Gives us more to talk about.

Chat is our piece of chaos on the site, where you can be completely random, RP, just go nuts. Chat is the place where the topics from other areas end up when it becomes nearly impossible to bring them back on track. You can make your own posts there, too, just for whatever randomness you can think of.

Fursuit Discussion is just that. Got a fursuit? Planning on getting one? Want some tips on how to make or buy one? Then this is the area for you. Rants and Raves is a place to sound off against the things that are getting to you. The F4Y Radio area is for Skylar's furry podcast.

The RP area is for creating new RPs, and joining in on existing ones. The unrated area may contain adult situations or general yiffiness. Enter only if you're not opposed to those things. There's also a place to talk about the Furs4You RPG.

The Art Area is for artists to discuss their creations or projects. The Site area is mainly for posting problems with the site for Admin attention.

There is also an Adult portion of the forum, which you must earn access to. This is done by posting and contributing to the site. Once you're a qualified member, just send me a PM and I will let you in.

The Blackhole, of course, is where all threads end up one day. Our graveyard for old conversations. Drop by and pay your respects to all that has come before.

Moving on, if the Forum is the heart of the site, then the soul would have to be the Gallery. Create your own gallery or browse those of the other members.

The Chat Rooms are a great place to hang out and make friends. Just follow standard Chat etiquette and if the mods talk, listen.

The Arcade is where Imago puts games for the members to play. There are high score rankings, and the 1st place winner can make comments. (Inflammatory remarks cannot be allowed, however.)

As for the rest of the site, you can create your own Blog. Look over the Encyclopedia to learn more about animals and the furry culture. (Just be warned, it's a work in progress, so check back often.) And, of course, Furs4You Legends is the open-ended epic RPG of the site. New features and upgrades are constantly being added, so the game is in a state of constant evolution.

So go on out and explore the site. You'll learn about it better by wandering about. As always, if you have any questions or need clarification on anything, let me know, or go to a Moderator.

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